NAKAGAWA Co.,Ltd. has been thinking much of to enliven the beauty industry and also to support the pursuit of Beauty salon and hairdresser. Beauticians have to satisfy the expectations of our customers every day, aim to improve their technique and keep trying on practices day and night. We try to make even a little effort to beauticians, we held study sessions and seminars as much as possible with the goal of providing and sharing of new technologies. For the purpose to enliven the beauty industry, our plans are very varied, such as opening the Galleria MUCOTA as a place that “people could communicate with hairdresser” in spring 2011.

In addition, to introduce highly beauty technology of Japan to overseas, we capitalize on our overseas sales experience and network in these10 years, including South Korea, China, Mexico, Singapore and Taiwan. "Beauty crosses the border" - Our mission is also to make more talented people could be active in the world, and work hard on the environmental improvement.

< Osaka headquarters >
3-26-2 Hannan-cho, Abeno-ku, Osaka, 545-0021 Japan
Tel + 81-6-6624-6800 ( Japanese, English, Mandarin, Korean )
Fax + 81-6-6624-6802


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